My Book’s Out!

So I clutched them in my hands–five copies of my first book, Runaway, which slept for eight months before its number got called for publishing.

I’m published! my inner self shouted as I caressed the glossy cover. I flipped through the pages, seeing words pop up–my words, these.

I lifted the book to my nose and breathed deeply. It smelled like every newly printed book should. It smelled like ink. It smelled like photocopied paper.

The light was bad in the jeepney I rode home as I riffled through the pages. Amid bumps and jolts, the editor in me saw something it was dreading. . .

A missing space between an ellipsis and a comma in a quotation.

I gulped. I wanted to be mad, but there it was, several instances of it (maybe all instances of it!), missing a space. Since when did it become the style to omit the space after the ellipsis? I remember telling the editor to correct it during the many times the PDF manuscript was flying between us. Actually, I remember asking her to correct many things that never showed up in the final copy!

So much for being finicky. So much for being anal.

So anyhow, my first book should be available in National Bookstore soon. Please disregard the typos and don’t tell me about it–unless you really want to ruin my day.

But phey, for one second there, I was quite happy.


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About Karla

I am an e-mail marketer, editor, and writer. My passions are yoga, food, and Filipino arts and culture.

2 responses to “My Book’s Out!”

  1. Jun Patricio says :

    Hello. I didn’t know you were writing a book.I opened your blogsite after I saw it from your dsad’s blogsite. I like what I read.I will find time to hunt for your book and will open you blog often. Jun

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