One Reader Left Behind

I’m usually resistant to anything popular: a new movie, a book, a band, a diet, or a fashion trend. I tend to be suspicious of people who jump on the bandwagon.

So when I was browsing Twitter (I still don’t have Twitter, by the way) and saw someone announce to the Twittering populace, “I feel like I’m a loser! Haven’t read Harry Potter yet!” I had to stifle a laugh.

This was not a teenager under peer pressure but a girl in her twenties who seems like a very grounded online personality. And it made me think, Is this how we are now? Are our preferences dictated by the choices of the rest of the population? If we’re all after being “cool,” isn’t it way cool to choose something that very few would? Isn’t it more cool to be a trailblazer?

Not to say, however, that I haven’t picked up a Harry Potter book. I read the first two leisurely. The third book I read in a professional capacity because one of the manuscripts I edited several months back is a fantasy series patterned after Harry Potter.

So it makes me wonder, especially with probably more than half of the blogging community agog over the recent Harry Potter book, Do they like Rowling because she writes well? Is it because they can relate to her characters? Or are they only compelled to read because they don’t want to feel left out?


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