Isabel Allende: Real Change Needs Feminine Energy

In this talk at TED2007, Latin American author Isabel Allende talks about writing, passion, and feminism.

“Heart is what drives us and determines our fate,” she says.

That is what I need for the characters in my book–a passionate heart. I need mavericks, dissidents, adventurers, outsiders and rebels who ask questions, bend the rules, and take risks. . . .

Allende also shares stories of powerful women she has met, such as actress Sophia Loren, who like her was one of eight flag bearers at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Allende is funny and touching at the same time, and the lesson isn’t lost in the speech.

“For real change, we need feminine energy,” she says. She’s not saying only women should lead but encourages that we “nurture the feminine energy in men.” I wish there were more women like her.

Listen to the talk here.


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