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Like mother, like son

My son Jacob grew up wanting to be a book editor like me. He would say, “When I grow up, I want to work at your office at so-and-so.”

I remember when I was project manager for this print-on-demand publishing firm that there were nights I’d come home very late and not get to see him for three straight days, so I’d make up by bringing him to work and he’d settle into one of the empty walk-in closets in the office and read, color, cut paper, or do something productive.

Other times I’d bring a lot of work home, mostly printouts of manuscripts that needed reviewing, and skim through them while he’d sit beside me reading. The printouts would end up in two piles: one with corrections would be brought back to the office. The clean pages would go to him, and he’d pretend he’d be editing them as well.

I didn’t realize how absorbed he was with this “writer” and “editor” thing until recently, when he did the opening prayer during his preschool graduation. My mom, who had been a school principal in her working years, had drawn up the prayer for my little boy and practiced him every night so he would perfect it.

Of course, the ever-stubborn boy would not just take the draft as is: he had his own questions too. One line went, “This will be the last time that we will see each other–all 36 of us . . .” and this six-year-old disagreed with “all 36 of us” because “it is not a sentence, and it is grammatically incorrect”!

My mom was certainly shocked but kept her temper in check. “It’s for emphasis,” she says. “Writers do it a lot.”

And my boy said, “Well, you’re NOT a writer.”

Ooops. Now that’s what I mean by “a little knowledge . . .”


I Am Still Alive

March is ending soon, and I realized today that it’s been ages since I last updated this writing/portfolio site. I’ve been busy here and juggling my full-time job and a Web content project now on its second month, so everything’s good.

At work, I have been doing a lot of writing for e-mail campaigns and studying Constant Contact and other EMC programs. I’m excited to try these out. I’ve also been doing a lot of blogging and managing forums for my full-time job, and it’s exciting, but at the same time draining because there’s the need to constantly keep abreast of what’s happening in the market. But who said work would be easy, eh?

I am compelled, though, to update this site every now and then, if only to thank the gods of the Internet for sending some clients to me without my looking for them. I mentioned before that freelance workers, and writers especially, must have an online presence so they can reach more people and have a venue to promote their work and what they can do. (Okay, I hope that didn’t seem too self-important.)

Someone, a Filipina, was searching for “Filipino writer” and found her way to this site. And the rest is history. This is good. Maybe I need not move to Singapore after all.

I know I’ve said a lot of bad things about technology and how it has ruined our lives (like it enabled men to cheat easily, for example), but well, for this one instance, the online gods have smiled on me.

And You Up There, thank you too. 🙂

P.S. Will write more about writing and books when I get back. Just let me finish this week and give me my space, just for now. I have so much to tell.