Slow Down, Crazy Child

I promised myself, after reading this article, that I would care more about my health: Sleep a little more. Eat healthy. Not worry if I miss a weekday of blogging. Jog and do my weights.

Ah, the life of a Web worker.

I’m actually starting to feel my age. It’s been stressful keeping a full-time job, maintaining a blog, and doing freelance work, but I also know, having come from a life when I didn’t do anything after office, I would die if I stopped writing.


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About Karla

I am an e-mail marketer, editor, and writer. My passions are yoga, food, and Filipino arts and culture.

4 responses to “Slow Down, Crazy Child”

  1. Ferdz says :

    Writings already in your blood. Hehe. But do take care of health as well.

  2. Bohol says :

    Hi Karl, kumusta? Slow down. 🙂

  3. Norman says :

    Hello there. Just dropped by to greet you a happy birthday a few minutes before it happens, for a change. Pinoycentric has been such a wonderful destination because of you. But you do have to slow down with work once in a while. Kisses to the boy for me.

  4. Karla says :

    @Ferdz: I guess when you love writing so much, you can get carried away and forget about other things, eh?

    @Mike: LOL. I know, I know! I keep on telling that to friends who freelance–to learn to slow down and take care of things that matter, but am the first person who breaks it!

    @Norman: Thank you so much for the greeting. I was meaning to revive this blog again, because I miss writing about WRITING! Slowing down is an art one has to learn. Right now, am still juggling it.

    Thanks, all, for dropping by. I have a lot of posts to write. It’s just a matter of getting them online, so expect to hear from me. SOON!

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