Working from Home and Lonely?

Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t get any social interaction whatsover. With co-working spaces, you can work on your own and yet not work alone.

The new way to work on your own is to work alone together.

Across the country, spaces are springing up to meet the demands of a new workforce, made up of self-employed entrepreneurs or part-time employees for whom the freedom of padding down the hallway to their home office in slippers and pajamas has turned into a home-based version of solitary confinement.

It’s called coworking, and the places where it’s happening are as flexible as the hours of the people who use them.

Whether it’s a concierge suite at a Connecticut hotel, a small office on Chicago’s Northwest Side or a Silicon Valley company that combines day care for children and work space for parents, these shared work sites allow people to have a desk and an Internet connection without having to shush the kids during a conference call or hunt for a power outlet at a coffee shop so they can plug in their laptops. [Full article here.]

I heard about a group in Manila that did this a year ago, although am not really sure whether it’s a regular thing now. Certainly, it sounds like a good idea, and it’s helpful to be around people who do the same thing that you do. No one else can be as understanding, surely.


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