Challenge That Keeps Me on My Feet

One of the many things I learned when I was managing a group of manuscript editors long ago is that one can never be complacent and that one should never rely on memory, because an editor’s brain soaking up so much information can go on overdrive.

I never trust my memory fully, believe me. That is why I have all these notebooks, because I need to write everything down.

So I love these challenges that people throw at me, questions like “Is it lie or lay?” or “Should I place the comma or the period inside the quotation marks?” Some of the answers to these questions I know by heart, but sometimes, I just want to make sure. When someone trusts you enough to ask for your opinion, you need to be sure you’re giving them the correct answer.

And so big thanks goes to Pie, who made me dust off my Chicago Manual of Style and New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, just so I could answer her answer fully and correctly. Challenges like these are currently few and far between. My editor’s mind has learned, in the corporate world, to let go, to leave mistakes be (Kace and Joan were comrades in that struggle), because I am no messiah and I cannot completely overhaul a Website and correct 10 years worth of grammatical errors.

What keeps you on your feet?


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About Karla

I am an e-mail marketer, editor, and writer. My passions are yoga, food, and Filipino arts and culture.

2 responses to “Challenge That Keeps Me on My Feet”

  1. Pie says :

    Hi, Karla!

    Thanks for dusting off your books and teaching me. Did you get the email I sent you? Best regards.

  2. alexa says :

    Anytime I write a post about a subject that I don’t feel like an expert on, I always feel I need to do some research. (It’s generally considered ill-advised to expound on a topic that you know little or nothing about.) Writing about aspects of education that interest me, but which require me to learn about them first, absolutely challenges me and keeps me on my toes. It’s always better to avoid non-thinking boredom.

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