People we’re grateful for

It’s Thanksgiving, so for the first time in months I managed to get a real holiday. When I woke up today, I thought of the many things in my life now that I’m thankful for, and as I look back in the last 15 years, I thought of people who have steered my life to where it is now, a position where I’m happy to be.

  • My high-school English teacher. Ms. Sato “discovered” me when I was a sophomore. I was a shy girl back in high school, and I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I didn’t think Ms. Sato noticed me in class–she seemed to have a bunch of favorites, and I knew I wasn’t one of them. But one summer, my mom got a call in her office asking me to go see Ms. Sato because she wanted me in the school paper. The rest, well, is history. I’m thankful she saw something in me that I didn’t see. And that’s why I went on to pursue journalism in college.
  • B, who paved the way toward my first book. Despite everything that has happened to our friendship, I will forever be grateful that she thought of including me in that book project.
  • N, who opened the door to a wide world of writing. He’s one of the handful of designers who produce kick-ass design and can write well. I learned so much from him during the years we were together–design, usability, SEO–before I actually started doing these today. I know I wouldn’t have started on those if he had not taught them to me. He’s probably the only person who gives me books to improve my writing. (A hint, probably, that I suck at writing. LOL)
  • KC, my very brilliant friend, a ballerina, a writer, a filmmaker. Sometimes when I’m so deep into work and don’t get to read for weeks, I remember how she always managed to sneak in some New York Times and New York Mag reading between articles. She sent me this quote from Salon long ago, and it always reminds me to keep better, because that’s what life and writing should be: “Keep your eyes glistening and your intelligence white-hot.” KC is one of those people who will not balk when you send her three-page-long articles from the New York Times. She’s also gone back to school, having signed up for a creative writing course and will probably be in New York next year. She’s doing everything I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m damn proud of this girl.
  • Jacob, my 7-year-old. He always gets me running to Google to research on, well, anything and everything he brings up, and I always learn something new each time. He’s got me to realize that I don’t know the answer to everything he asks.
  • J, for believing in me and making me want to write again. I’ve been struggling with writing for the last six months. SEO writing, which I do at work, has taken away the enjoyment in the craft. I now dread having to write a 350-word article repeating the phrase “custom logo T-shirts” seven times. There should be more to a writing career than that, right?

Who are the people you’re grateful for?

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