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The Busy Freelancer

The busy freelancer never gets to blog.

Which explains why I have been silent for a month. I’m happy to say that my freelance career hasn’t been idle the last month. On the contrary, it’s been sizzling!

Just this month, my design partner finally completed the illustrations for a financial management book that we translated into comics. My part of the work had long been done as early as mid-January, but it was the illustrations that took ages–and for good reason too. D would never submit anything half-baked. The lesson? We’re now more realistic about setting deadlines after realizing you can’t finish a comic book in two weeks.

I’m pretty excited about this comic book thing, precisely because it is my first time to be “writing” a comic book. (You won’t see us in the credits, and we signed a contract saying we can’t include the gig in our portfolio.) I was understandably anxious in the beginning and scoured the bookstores for teenage comic books to familiarize myself with the nuances and the tone of comic book writing (I’m used to writing business stories). The Australian-based client was quite happy, thankfully, and appreciated the fact that I was still around to do the proofreading a month after completing the project.

And then there’s the coffee table book, the work for which started this month. February is ending, and I find my pace a bit slow, as there were management issues to address, such as finding a cover designer and surveying a list of local publishers for rates. We still don’t know whether we’re going local or international (Lulu or Blurb comes to mind), but maybe that is something I should not worry about. Getting the book finished first should be priority #1.

Which also means that the next five months will see me uber busy. The research for this book means I will be going out of town, something I haven’t prepared for yet, but I hope to go to Dipolog (Zamboanga del Norte) for it, sometime before Easter.

This is a new thing, seeing a book from nothing to something, and it’s something I’m really excited about. Already, I’ve negotiated with my boss at work (my full-time job) for a flexible schedule (nothing later than 9 a.m. PST), and I just got approval to work at home on Wednesdays! Oh glory! Now that is what you call “work from home.”

I’m still apprehensive about this “work from home” thing, as I know every person who does it for the first time is, but it will probably curb my control problem, so I can learn to trust others to bring their fair share to the table even though I am not around. Of course, this new “work from home” bit says something about how my boss trusts me enough to allow me to work outside the HQ, and I certainly don’t want anyone thinking I’m slacking off when nobody’s watching.

So there. It’s been exciting, and I’m breathless while I look forward to the next six months (oh, there’s another book project coming up–something, uh, fishy!) of lucrative, productive freelancing.

How about you? Any good thing happened to you?

P.S. Did I mention I was actually in the hospital for five days this February? Not stress-related, thank you (although I would have believed so), but something related to a previous appendectomy. The time away helped me a lot. I realize now how I miss (1) not doing anything, (2) getting 8 hours of sleep, and (3) sleeping at night.