How to Write a Book in Six Months

I wrote this in April, when I was in the middle of writing a book. I still haven’t finished the book, dammit! (I promise to finish it soon, so help me God.)

  1. Announce to all the world, “I am writing a book.” That makes you accountable to it, and it would be a shame if you never got to finish it. (Yes, I am deeply ashamed at the thought.)
  2. Procrastinate. Wait for those days when creativity just strikes you.
  3. Complain about so many things. Fill in the blanks. “I can’t write because . . .” Reasons may range from the summer heat, the lack of sleep, the need to shop and reward one’s self before one is compelled to lift a finger and type an entire paragraph.
  4. Write a thousand words every month. Congratulations, you now have 2,000 words; 18,000 more to go and you have only four months left.
  5. Repeat to yourself, “I am writing a book.”
  6. Disappear on the sixth month. That’s when you’ll finish the rest of the 18,000 words. (I’m still in that missing mode and I haven’t finished the book yet!)

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