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Book Update: The End Is Near

Thanks to all those who continue to visit this blog (and the other arts and culture blog) and those who continue to ask where I am on my coffee table book. I feel inspired by your thoughts and your faith in me. In this lonely path that I tread, I carry much hope for the end (of the book writing) is near and I will finally rest easy, knowing I had met this year’s writing goal.

In the same way that the manuscript was difficult to start (I worked my way into chapters 2 to 4, after which I wrote chapter 1, which involved some interviews and field research), I am finding that it’s difficult to end this book, not because I do not have much to say, when I have so much material online, but because I feel there is so much I need to say.  After this book goes to press, I will have to live forever with the knowledge that I could have done it better. A writer’s work is never done.

It’s almost the end of the year, and it’s my turn to ask: Did you meet any of your writing goals this year?