Books on Sale

There are things I can’t resist when I’m in a bookstore: cheap gel pens, Moleskine reporters, and books on sale. Gel pens and Moleskines I can easily resist. A quick glance at the price tag of the latter, and I can scoot off quickly without looking back.

But books on sale are a different matter altogether. I weaken over the sight of them. Even if I’m wearing some of the most painful heels ever, I can patiently stand around a pile of books on sale and look at the titles one by one. And especially if they cost under 100 pesos, you can bet I’ll bring one of them home. These books seem to me like orphans, and if it costs only 100 bucks to bring them home, very well, I’d be happy to adopt one or two.

Which is why all these bargain books are piling up on my bedside table, waiting to be read–adopted babies all. It makes me feel guilty sometimes, looking at them, like abandoned babies crying for milk. I make a promise to pick one up one of these days and read it so I can tell myself my hundred bucks didn’t go to waste. I don’t keep it all the time, but I like the idea that I have a house filled with books, and one day, when making money isn’t a priority anymore, I can sit down in my rocking chair and be whisked off to places I’ve never been. It’s something I look forward to. So for now, maybe adopting all these bargain books isn’t so bad because I’m accumulating material for my reading list when I’m sixty.


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I am an e-mail marketer, editor, and writer. My passions are yoga, food, and Filipino arts and culture.

One response to “Books on Sale”

  1. Novel says :

    I too love books and have been reading like a crazy person! Can’t seem to get enough of them. . .Great blog, keep it going!

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