The Ralph Lauren Gang

Ralph Lauren Gang

Because of my work as an e-mail marketer, I’m subscribed to all these online mailing lists. So I get tons of newsletters and promotional materials every day for products I’ve never bought–cast-iron pans, Calphalon cookware, wine, flowers, you name it! I’m the nonresponder that retailers and online marketers like me are always worried about–that demographic that opens their newsletters but never buys a thing.  If they only knew that I really had no intention of buying–I’m this silent observer watching their new tricks.

Most of the time I’m wowed, like with this Ralph Lauren advertisement that I got from Martha Stewart (I get pitches for flowers, wine, and all other things from MS). It was too lovely to keep to myself!

This one’s a bit long to sit through, especially if you had a long story or article to write, but imagine if it was your story that Ralph Lauren used to promote their children’s wear line, wouldn’t that be fun? I wish, I really wish.

Meanwhile, take out your earphones and click this link to watch this story narrated by Harry Connick, Jr., featuring–what else–Ralph Lauren children’s wear. You will love it (I loved Willow’s outfit!).


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