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3 Reasons for Writing a Memoir

In this age when people around you are freely sharing daily tidbits of their lives on Facebook and Twitter, should you even attempt to write your own memoir?

Bernard Selling’s Writing from Within: A Guide to Creativity and Life Story Writing gives us three reasons why we should do so (and no, it’s not to embarrass your crazy family):

  1. It’s a journey of self-discovery. We learn so much of ourselves when we write down our personal thoughts. The process allows us to step back and see our lives as other people would.
  2. It releases the pain of the past. For many individuals who have gone through harrowing ordeals and so much pain, writing is therapeutic and allows them to face, and hopefully exorcise, the demons of the past.
  3. It helps us move toward wholeness. Selling has a term for this: kalokagathia, a Greek word that refers to creating and maintaining a harmony among mind, body, and soul.

If you’re looking into writing a memoir, I’d strongly recommend you get Bernard Selling’s book. Or, wait, Writer’s Digest has a webinar about the topic on March 8, Thursday. And no, I do not get a commission if you click any of these clicks.

Thanks, Soopahtoe