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Salman Rushdie on the Satanic Verses


Rushdie with friends who supported him during the fatwa. L-R: agent Caroline Michel, writer and editor Gerald Marzorati, novelist Ian McEwan, the BBC’s Alan Yentob, Salman Rushdie, and his sister Sameen, a retired lawyer. Photo by Annie Leibovitz

Author Salman Rushdie talks to Vanity Fair about the Satanic Verses:

I thought of the novel as a huge monster I was wrestling with. I was often worried that I would not be able to get on top of the beast and pin it to the ground. [When it was done,] I was utterly exhausted. One holds so much of a novel in one’s head during the years of work that when it’s done and the thing in your head evaporates it’s a little like having your brain removed. I felt lobotomized.

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