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Writing (Sexy) Headlines

I know I promised a follow-up of style lesson # 1, which will be up tonight, as I am busy crafting a headline for an article I should finish today. But let me just talk about something that’s been giving me a migraine for the last two hours: headlines.

Headlines are a tricky thing. While it will probably take me an hour or two to come up with six paragraphs of a feature, a good headline (and something that leaves me giddy for days, thinking I was brilliant to have thought of it) is something I mull over, sometimes for hours.

They usually come during an adrenaline rush, such as when I’m jogging like crazy around the university oval. Or after I’m flipping through Details and thrown off by some unsavory stories.

For the less talented among us who struggle to say something emphatic in as few words as possible, reporter and editor Leo Babauta has some tips on “The Sexy Art of Writing Headlines that Kill.”

Leo also has a personal site, Zen Habits, in which he writes about productivity.