What They Say

“For the past year, Karla has superbly managed my email newsletter Slip Into Style.  Karla’s  excellent command of the English language and editing skills  helped grow my mailing list beyond my wildest expectations. Under Karla’s direction we were able to consistently produce an attractive and informative weekly for my fast-growing mailing list.”

Angie Knowles, Sew It Yourself Slipcovers
Winner, Vertical Response Top 500 E-mail Marketing Excellence Award

“You helped the book quite a bit. I have never been strong in the copy edit department or grammar in general. . . . I have gotten some really good reviews on Amazon and without your help they would have been held up by the copy errors.”

Matt Baker
Author, The Art of Confession

“I was truly appreciative of your copy editing. It improved the quality of the manuscript significantly and resulted in a much better presentation of the story. Keep up the good work and may there be an opportunity for me to work with you again.”

Nathaniel H.C. Kim
Author, Khwarazm


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